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" The location of these trees is only a few blocks from my home, so I visited the site this afternoon to obse rve the removal.

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By the time I got there - around 2 p.




- almost all of the trees had been chopped down and removed from the site.

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I suspect that all had been removed by the time the crews fro m West Coast Arborists finished for the day.

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According to one man from WCA with whom I spoke, th ey will be finished with the job by Thursday afternoon, including grinding the stumps of all the extracted trees.

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To provide a formalized guide to City staff and developers on approved tree species and the plan check process.

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The most important thing you can do when you first get a carpet cleaner, is read the product manual.


Though there are some similarities, each brand and model of carpet cleaner varies when it comes to design, set-up, operation and care, and the manufacturer will spell out the best way to use the machine.


They will also recommend using a particular cleaning solution and though you might get a good cleaning with other brands, for best cleaning results, you should adhere to these instructions.

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Exposition Exhibitors

West Coast Arborists, Inc.

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NOW HIRING- All levels of tree trimming experience.

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But there is more! Christian Bonner, the City Arborist, explains that most of the tree's wood has been given to Menlo Hardwoods (846 Santa Cruz Avenue), who will use it to fabricate some interesting furniture, the sale of which will create funds to be returned to the City for the purchase of a large tree (type not yet determined) to placed between the fence and the walkway.

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A large number of trees were improperly pruned at a young ageand developed branches that are too low and too close to eachother.

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These pruning techniques aren't common today, but it's toolate to correct the problem on trees this old.

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Some branches oreven entire trees should be removed because of the defect, thearborist recommended.


Effective Tools and Lots of Lumber Pine Tulip The City has an ongoing contract with West Coast Arborists for tree maintenance.

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Big Jon Mahoney, a chain-saw artist, works for West Coast and was contracted to use his imagination to create something from the downed tree.

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He is working on two sections of the trunk plus the stump itself.


From the latter he is creating a chair.

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How To Find The Best Carpet Steam Cleaner

I had to explore the whole web and meanwhile of researching I realized that most of the websites concerning the best carpet cleaners' reviews were just sponsoring products with the reviews that are just unfair, where no one was giving accurate and genuine reviews.

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Even if furniture moving is offered free by the company, move any valuable yourself before they get there.


It is best not to take any risks, even if your carpet cleaner is insured and seems reliable enough to take good care of your valuables.

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Warn the carpet cleaner if the office or home has floor electrical sockets.


These cannot be cleaned because of risk of serious injury and damage to your home.

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And while there is risk to their equipment and them, there is also a risk that your home will be damaged.

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Commercial Backpack Vacuum Host Freestyle machines Operation of the rotary shampoo machine is quite simple.

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Raising or lowering the handle will move the shampoo machine to the right or left.


Twisting the handle will move the shampoo machine forward and back.


Organic Cleaning Compounds

Bonnet cleaning is a minimum moisture carpet cleaning method.


Bonnet cleaning essentially consists of a cotton, rayon and/or polypropylene pad and a rotary shampoo machine.


It is among the easiest carpet cleaning methods to learn.

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Primarily there are three procedures for using the bonnet method.

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Cheap shaving cream makes an easy carpet shampoo.

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Vacuum the carpet well before applying.

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Work on one 3' x 3' area at a time.

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Squirt some shaving cream on the carpet.

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Spread it around and work it gently into the carpet with a damp sponge mop.

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Rinse the mop & wring it out for each section.

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